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From data to knowledge

While the amount and diversity of relevant data available for many applications continuously grows, so does the complexity of acquiring knowledge from that data, i.e., the difficulty of obtaining comprehensive answers to deep questions that matter most. Without organizing data into well-structured, actionable knowledge bases, which understand the context of the data and can reason upon it in a consistent and insightful manner, this challenge can never be effectively met.

Knowledge engineering

Knowledge engineering encompasses all technical, scientific and social aspects involved in building and managing knowledge-based systems. At Epistemik company, we specialize in knowledge engineering services and have over a decade of experience working with knowledge technologies in a variety of applications. We employ advanced, yet pragmatic solutions, always balancing the "smarts" of the adopted approach against its overall simplicity and maintainability.


Some of the key technologies and services that we specialize in are: Semantic Web (RDF / OWL / SPARQL / SHACL / JSON-LD, schema.org, etc.), ontology design and management, knowledge representation, data modelling, GraphQL, knowledge graphs, linked (open) data, triple stores, graph databases, data integration, query languages, automated reasoning, algorithm design, rule systems, computational & probabilistic logics, natural language processing, statistical relational learning, and more...

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